How to Keep a Gratitude Journal/ Thankfulness Chart

Thankfulness is a response to the good things in life we’ve been given. Further than that, thankfulness is having an appreciative attitude for each moment in life and the everyday beauty we experience. If this year has been hard and tiring, try focusing on the good. Yes, there will still be hard and sad days, but focusing on the positive parts makes for a better perspective.

One great way to practice this is to keep a gratitude journal. You’ve probably heard of them before or kept one.  With Thanksgiving coming up – no time is better than now to express your gratitude. Let’s get to it!

Celebrate your family this Thanksgiving!
  • Write something every day you’re thankful for. It can be a gift, promotion, family, hot water – anything basically.
  • If you don’t want to commit to writing for a long time, simply keep a journal for the 30 days in November or 30 days from wherever you start.
  • If writing daily is too time consuming or not the avenue you want to use, try a thankfulness chart. You can use a table calendar or draw one on poster board!
  • Thankfulness charts may be better if you have little kids because they can write one word or draw what they are thankful for. This is also good for artsy people because you can make it all your own!
  • Over time if you find yourself focusing on the same type of matters – challenge yourself to think differently. Walk outside and look around. What would you miss if it wasn’t there? Consider friendships, provisions like clothes and food, and things you get to hear or see.
  • Don’t feel limited to one item a day! You may find over time you are more thankful for the beauty around you. If so, express it!
  • Share what you’re thankful for. Read one thing you wrote or drew at the end of the week to your family and friends. Post it to social media. Tell someone you are thankful for them! Send a thank you note just because!
  • After the 30 days is up, or just when you’ve written or drawn something that keeps you thankful – frame it! Put it up somewhere so you can display it and remind yourself to practice gratitude.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we hope you are able to stop and reflect. Spending time with family and looking around to see the beauty in life is what makes this time of year memorable. Enjoy it!