Sweet Thanksgiving Trends We Love

Turkey, family, and football. That’s what this season looks like for most. There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a moment to say thanks with the people we love most. We love tradition, but we also love trying something new.

These sweet ideas are great ways to create new traditions, and add some flair! This Thanksgiving extend your celebration and give one of these trends a try!

From our family to yours, enjoy this Thanksgiving!
  1. Leftover boxes – We all are going to eat too much. So instead of feeling stuffed for a week, why not share with your family and friends?! We love the idea of sending leftovers with your guests to take home. Use paper, plastic, or find cute ways to make your own to-go boxes.
  2. Mason jar luminaries – If you’ve seen a table setting lately, you know that the mason jar is often a key component. Whether it’s the household function, the timeless glass appeal, or the variety of sizes – these jars are a design staple. Give them a touch of fall!
  3. Thankful displays – From trees to paper turkeys with tail feathers that have what we’re thankful written on them – we love the idea of displaying our thankfulness. There are tons of great ways to do this! Pick a fall or Thanksgiving item or theme and have your family make a display!
  4. Tasty turkey arrangements – There are so many cute ways to arrange savory and sweet foods to look like a turkey. Pick your food item and do some searching for inspiration!
  5. Light a candle – Candles add warmth and make the air feel thankful. Place them for a bit of ambiance or place them at a side table as a reminder of a loved one that has passed away. Place a name card in front of the candle and tell stories with family about your best memories with that loved one.
  6. A nod to history – The first Thanksgiving was a table shared by two different people groups – the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We love any idea that remembers their specific heritage and celebrates our humble beginnings.
  7. Doing good – While many have a warm home and family to fill up their hearts during this time, some do not. Doing some good isn’t hard. Volunteer at a local food bank, write a thank you note to someone who has to work Thanksgiving Day, or invite someone to your families’ dinner. You might just make someone’s day.

Start a Gratitude Journal!


What traditions do you have? How will you use this holiday to say you’re thankful? Take this time to cherish the good things in life and give back to those around you. Make this holiday sweet!