Insulation Options for Your Mobile Home

insulation in a mobile home roofIf you’d like to make your home more energy-efficient and possibly lower your heating and air bill – then you might want to consider insulating your home. There are many options of what areas you can choose to insulate, as well as different insulation choices. Check out the options below to get started!

Improve Your Mobile Home Energy Efficiency!

When it comes to insulation you need to decide:

  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. Do you need a professional to do the job?
  3. What area will you insulate?
  4. What method will you use?
  5. What insulation R-Value do you need?
Attic insulation in a mobile home.

Places to insulate:

  1. Belly of mobile home (underneath home)
  2. Walls
  3. Attic

These are the main places in mobile homes where air escapes and enters. Walls and attics are harder to insulate once the home is built. However, there are methods on how they can be done. The easiest way to apply insulation in an older mobile home is to add it to the belly or use blown-in insulation. That way you don’t have to rip up roofing or worry about damaging your home.

Insulation options:

  1. Blown-in
  2. Install roof cap
  3. Install insulated skirting
  4. Place polyurethane foam boards under belly
  5. Fit fiberglass batts in walls, around windows

Blown-in insulation is popular for manufactured homes. With this method, a hole is drilled into the side, roof, or attic of the home and the material is blown-in to a cavity through a tube. Roof caps and insulated skirting are easy additions for a homeowner to add. However, they may not be as effective in the long run. Also, insulation can be added to the belly of your home. It can either be blown-in or you can use foam boards. Using fiberglass strips, you can also insert batts into the wall cavities.

This is a basic list just to get your feet wet. There are other options, too. Use this to help you answer some important questions and explore what option you want to use. Ready for your next project? Try making your own gravel driveway!