Low-cost Ways to Say “Thank You”

Whether you just received a great birthday gift, or feel appreciative for someone in your life – saying thank you can really make a lasting impact.  Sending thank you cards may seem like something your grandma did, but we invite you to send one. Expressing gratitude is not only formative to relationships, but it also can make someone’s day.

Why not brighten up the world a little bit? We’ve made a collection of thoughtful ways to say thank you. Share your thankfulness with someone today!

Tell someone you appreciate them!

The best thing to do is to anticipate.

  • Is your best friend’s favorite band coming out with a new CD? Pre-order it and put in their room or car to surprise them.
  • Make dinner for your friend on a night when you know they are tired and don’t have time to.
  • Is a friend going on vacation? Offer to watch his/her pets, buy them a swim suit or sunscreen.
  • Does your friend have an interview or is starting a new job? Take them coffee and give them a quick pep talk. You get the idea – anticipate what your friend will need but will not expect. These make for the best thank yous!

Say thank you with your creativity.

  • Give someone a token of your gratitude. Paint a flat rock with a word you identify with your friend. It could be “thankful” “peaceful” “patient”, etc. Your friend will not only be reminded of the way you said thank you, but they also will be encouraged by by knowing who they are to you.
  • Creatively incorporate their favorite quote. Do you have great handwriting? Write it on a canvas and give it to your friend. Make them a shirt or a canvas bag with the quote printed on it. Find a magnet online that features the quote. Create a state cutout for them!
  • Make a polaroid project. Take photos of you and your friend then display them on a corkboard, in a frame, or with cute, painted close pins.
  • Give them a bag full of their favorite little item. Have a friend who loves lip gloss? Put together a variety and give it to your friend. Do they love gum? Get them all the flavors!
  • Give according to their love language. Does your friend enjoy quality time with you? Plan a day full of bonding. Is their love language service? Clean their house, cook for them, take their car to the car wash, or hang out with their kids so they can go on a date.

Stay simple.

  • Leave a post it note of encouragement on their bathroom mirror or on their car.
  • Write a thank you card.
  • Wash their dishes.
  • Pack their lunch.
  • Fill their car up with gas.

Being considerate isn’t expensive, it just takes a little thought and time. Next time you say thank you, do it with your heart. Anticipate, be creative, and keep it simple.

Do Something Your Budget Will Thank You For!