8 Simple Places to Find Coupons

So hopefully by now, you’ve decided which type of couponing is right for you. With this in mind you can start thinking about where to find coupons. The good news is you’ve probably run across some of these items already, and you can choose a few others to try. Be sure if you select a coupon or coupon service you pay for to do your research to make sure those are items you already spend money on.

Help Me Find My Coupon Type

A coupon is only helping you save if it’s a coupon for something you would already buy. There are certainly other options. This is just to get you started. Happy saving!

  1. A local Sunday paper If you wouldn’t read the paper it won’t be worth it to get a subscription for just coupons, but if you’d read it go ahead and subscribe. Or you can buy your local paper at most convenience stores on Sunday.
  2.  Free-standing/ Self-vendors Some towns have coupon magazines or inserts within free publications. You can usually find these outside of strip malls, town centers, etc.
  3. Printable coupons Many websites and certain manufacturers offer great weekly deals you can print out and use. Here’s another site that may have the coupons for you!
  4. School or Fundraiser Coupons Most area schools sell coupons books with good deals. You can support education or a local team while saving. Look through one before you purchase to be sure it’s for things you’d use.
  5. In-store coupons Previously known as “blinkies,” those red flashing coupon dispensers that most places have done away with or re-vamped provide product specific discounts. You can also find them on the physical product itself.
  6. Magazine These are usually a little sparser, but the discounts are usually pretty good.
  7. Apps The internet age has given us some powerful tools in saving money. Store/restaurant apps often have free items or great savings and the apps are mostly free.
  8. Mail You don’t have to do any homework for this one. Easy and at your door – don’t throw them away – look through them.

Happy couponing! If you’re interested in continuing to save, check out some more of our money saving ideas.