3 Quick Points to help you Organize Your Coupons and Use them Better

Now that you know where to look for coupons and you have a pile on your kitchen table… It’s time to get organized. There are plenty of strategies you can take on. You’ll need to decide how you’ll be using your coupons and what organization methods work for you. Below we’re helping you be on your way to couponing success!

Put your coupons in a category

-By expiration date


-By product/section (meat, dairy, drinks, cleaning items, etc.)

-By store

-By most likely to use first

If you have a smaller collection of coupons – maybe you’re the leisurely couponer instead of a planned shopper – you will probably only choose one method. However, if you have many coupons you may combine two or three methods to master optimizing your couponing experience.

File your coupons

-In a three-ring binder

-In a file folder/bin

-In a planner

-In envelopes

Use a method that fits your style and how you shop.

Set a schedule to update your filing

You’ve got a system set. You’re done, right? No! The most important part of your organization system is that you maintain it. This will become low on your priorities if you are not intentional about it. Decide the flow of your coupon use and write on your calendar the days you’ll clip and update your filing. Set reminders on your phone, too. You might choose weekly or monthly, or every Monday if that’s the day you get off early from work. Pick what you’ll stick to.

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Now you’re ready to hit the store and see how your system holds up! If you notice issues, alter your organization technique. Happy shopping! Have a success story of trying out couponing? Let us know what you’ve learned! Email us at facebook@vmf.com. We look forward to hearing from you!