Money Saving Tips for Your Desired Budget

Sometimes making ends meet financially is a challenge. That’s life, right? Especially when you are saving as well as you can already. It can be frustrating. Below we’ve explored some ways to cut spending . Evaluate where you fit within the areas below and start practicing these tips!

Whether you’re trying to save a little to learn the discipline or saving up for something sizable like a car or home – the ideas below are sure to get you on the right path!


Need to save a little:

  • Cook at home (make meals in large quantities, try freezer meals)
  • Stop going to the movies, go to the library instead (rent a movie or read – it’s up to you)
  • Skip the soda and drink water
  • Open the windows and turn the air/ heat off
  • Carpool

Need to save more:

    • Pay off your credit cards and then try to use cash whenever possible
    • Shop secondhand/ thrift
    • Create a monthly budget
    • Cut your entertainment cost (either downgrade or cut internet/cable)

Print this Budget Calendar!

Need to save the most:

  • Cut your phone bill (downgrade your phone or service, try prepaid)
  • Use interior fans for air in spring/ fall depending on climate
  • Make a grocery list of food staples you can use repetitively for meals
  • Have a garage sale
  • Consider selling things you don’t need/ want
  • Find an inexpensive hobby you can profit from (knitting/painting/wood delivery/mowing grass/art)
  • Have someone help keep you accountable

Start Your Budget Today

Remember, you’ve got this! The changes may take some getting used to, but the reward is always worth it.