Which Type of Couponing is Right for You?

We can safely say coupons are for everyone. Anything that saves you money on what you’re already going to buy is a good deal. But when it comes to how much time you spend on couponing or what coupons you gather — this is something that only you can decide. Couponing is a commitment, but one with a payoff. So before you begin, decide which method is best for you! Explore more money saving options that can help you!

The Leisurely Couponer

  • Likes to save money here and there
  • Cuts out coupons from the mail, buys the school fundraiser coupon book every year
  • Single or has a few kids
  • Uses money saving apps

This is perfect for someone starting out. If couponing seems daunting, start here. Try to pay attention to those mailers or download a money saving app! Try this list of apps to get started today!

The Planned Shopper

  • Needs to save money on necessities and wants
  • Gets the paper for coupons, asks friends for inserts, and checks digital coupons
  • Enrolled in many reward/point programs
  • Multiple children
  • Shares resources with others
  • Buys off brands

If you’re looking to be a bit more involved than this may be the type for you. This level of couponing requires advance planning with grocery lists and meals for the week. It also involves searching out coupons. Buy a local paper or write out your meals for a week to get started with this type!

The Focused + Researched Couponer

  • Needs to save money
  • Has time to devote to finding coupons, devoted to searching for deals
  • Subscribes to loyalty programs, uses deal of the day offers consistently
  • Keeps an organized coupon binder, categorized by date
  • Observes store sale trends

Most people do not start with this type of couponing, so take your time getting here. Ask someone who has been couponing for tips. Set aside time to clip and print deals. Get started searching for manufacturer coupons. If you want to invest your time, you’ll see return.

Start saving today using coupons!

Places to Find Coupons

These couponing types are not all inclusive or completely definitive, but they do give you a good idea of where you may fall on the couponing spectrum and where you may want to end up. Being able to understand your type will help you realize your goal in couponing. With your goal in mind, you’ll save with purpose.