7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Season

Winter is coming and with it some chilly temperatures are on their way. The cold can put a serious dent in your heating bill – especially if your home is insulated poorly. However, it may not be practical for your family to repair or install proper insulation at this time. If that’s the case, there are some things you can do to keep your home warm regardless.

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Check out the list below! You might find an easy solution 

  1. Keep your oven door open after use – If you’ve got little kids or animals that will mess with the oven door, then don’t try this one. However, if you don’t, try this one out! The oven gives off some good heat that can circulate your home instead of staying stored up. Practice safety and don’t leave it wide open, just slightly ajar after you’ve turned it off. 
primary bedroom in bedroom
  1. Open blinds or shades during the day – Letting the sun in will warm your house significantly. Open them in the morning to ensure that the sun gets most of the day to heat up your home. 
  2. Put a rug or door mats down – If you’ve got laminate, try placing a large rug down in your main living space or where ever you don’t have carpet. It will keep heat from escaping and is warmer to walk on. They are also a welcomed treat after a shower to have a warm, cozy place to step!
  3. Use flannel sheets or a thick comforter — This one is simple. If your bed is warm, you’re warm. You can also just layer up and that should help. 
  4. Invest in heavy curtains or black out curtains – Windows are where a majority of heat escapes and cold air seeps in – seal the barrier with curtains made to keep your home warm.
  5. Turn bathroom fans off – These are designed to pull hot air out, which is fine to keep your mirror from getting foggy, but in winter months it will make you cold when you get out of the shower.
  6. Flip the switch on your fan – Reversing your fan helps circulate warm air instead of cold. 

Here’s to a cozy winter without all the cost! Keep things updated in your home and check out our winter maintenance checklist!