3 Reasons to Create an Account on Vmfhomes.com

Our aim with vmfhomes.com is for it to be easy to navigate – from our search bar to looking through our detailed listings. We want finding your pre-owned, manufactured home to be as simple as possible. Whether you’re hoping for a home to move to your land, a land and home package, or for a home set up in a community.

You don’t have to have an account to use our site, but with the perks it offers – you’ll likely want one! Especially if you need some time to browse and consider the options. Our account is a great way to keep up with our inventory and highlight the homes within your budget. We hope that an account can help you enjoy using our site even more!

Let’s jump into the 3 reasons we think having an account will make your life easier:

  1. You can keep track of offers you’ve made on our site. Properties that you have made an offer on will be displayed as well as the status of the offer.
  2. You can keep all your favorites in one place. As you navigate through our listings you can “favorite” homes by clicking the heart on the upper right hand corner.  When you “favorite” a home, it will be added to the list of  all to your favorites for you to come back to and filter through.
  3. You can save your home searches. Looking for a home within a certain area? Trying to stay in a particular school district? Or wanting less of a commute? Name and keep your home searches on file. That way you can easily return to homes you want to keep an eye on and have the context surrounding your unique search.

Does an account sound like the perfect fit for you? Head on over to vmfhomes.com and create an account! Just look for the green outlined button that says “My Account” and look for “Create an account”.