Veggie Garden Tips for the Beginner

Summer is coming and with it fresher, lighter foods and dishes to keep us healthy and energized this season. There really are fewer things I love more than a BLT with lettuce and tomatoes grown from my papa’s garden. It’s so much better than store-bought, and you have the pride of growing it and tending to it. However, gardening can be a big undertaking. So, we’ve found some tips that will get you started off right!

  • Start with a confined space: keep it small! Make a raised bed garden or set up a few containers for a container garden. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with one hot pepper plant!
  • Check out what seeds to start sowing in June! Always consider your own area’s climate – you could consult a local gardening experts as to what grows best in the region at that time of the year.  You can purchase budding plants from the store, as well. Check out a monthly growing guide for both seeds and plants to find the best times to start or transition.
  • A popular home magazine suggests healthy soil, full sun, and lots of water. You don’t want to put your plants in a place where they catch tons of water like a rain garden or a swale, but you do want to place them where they can receive ample water.
  •  Need help planning out the layout of your garden? You can get creative and build your own layout before you plant! Check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac.
  •  Interested in the planting schedule for your area of the world? This map will help you learn when you should expect the last frost date and the first frost date. In between these times are your best bet for planting success.
  •  Plant flowers in your garden to encourage pollination and a well-traveled garden. Weed out potential threats to your plants. Maintain the area of your garden and add fertilizers as needed.

There’s so much to gardening! We certainly did not touch on everything, just some of the basics that we hope will help you get started with your own veggie garden – or continue one. We hope it goes great and that you yield some tasty veggies!

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