Ways to Enjoy a Low-cost Halloween

Halloween is one of the few times everyone is invited to act like a kid. So why not celebrate!? Kids love to be something new for a day and what’s better than making it a family affair? Get in on the fun this year!

The secret to low-cost anything is: thinking ahead, being creative, and trying out ideas! There are tons of resources and ideas you can find on the web. Sit down with your kids and brainstorm with them. Not only will you keep things low-cost – you’ll get to spend time with family!

Make this Halloween great!


Rule #1, Never pay full price for a costume. More than likely, it will only be worn once or passed down — so no need to pay a lot for it. If you need certain clothing items or props, go to a second hand or dollar store.

Rule #2, Think household items. If you pair things right, you may find you have a costume at home. For example, trash bags can be used to make a penguin costume. Simply draw with a sharpie on a white trash bag to create the look. Paper towels and cotton balls can be used to many costumes as well. If you have gardening tools and gloves, a child can wear them and be a gardener.

Rule #3, Costumes don’t have to be literal. Some of the funniest costumes are clever. Try using a pun for a costume.


Rule #1, Glitter is your best friend. It’s fun, festive, and doesn’t cost much. Add it to everything!

Rule #2, Try using Styrofoam. You can find pumpkins, wreaths, and other shapes in Styrofoam. Simply paint them or decorate them with buttons, colored paper, or ribbons.

Rule #3, Make your own spider webs! Spider webs are easy for kids to draw, and they add a creative, fun touch to your home. Use black construction paper and cut out a web design. You can also use string by cutting and tying it together to make a web.

Food/ Snacks

Rule #1, Candy is great and in high demand, but for parties or an alternative – try popcorn! You can make it fancy by adding cheddar powder to the batch or caramel!

Rule #2, Think easy. Celebrate harvest foods! Grill up some corn and top it with butter and a Cajun rub! Make caramel apples. Plus, you can make your own trail mix! Kids love to create their own, and you can use pretzels and chocolate chips instead of nuts or novelty chocolates to cut back on cost.

Rule #3, The best party is a combined effort. Ask friends to bring a snack or side dish if you plan on having a party. That way you have plenty, but you don’t have to provide everything.

From costumes to decorations, take every opportunity to be creative and save! Simple ideas and designs are in and sure to make your holiday a blast!

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