Unusual Gift Wrap Ideas You’ll Love

Happy December! We hope you are able to welcome the season with your family! Hopefully, the long lines of shopping are behind you. Even if they aren’t – you might need some help wrapping things up.

Merry Christmas!

If you want to try something new, ditch the traditional paper and try one of the ideas below! Some ideas allow you to use part of the gift as the wrapping!

  • Newspaper – this is a cheap and efficient option! Great for the reader or writer in your life!
  • Blanket – It can be part of the gift and you can and use it to wrap the gift creatively
  • Sticky notes – Write fun notes on each one to create a personalized touch
  • City map – Go to a tourist or rest stop near you and grab some maps – colorful and unique – these are perfect for wrapping gifts for kids!
  • Placemats – If you get someone home goods include place mats and arrange them like paper and tie string around it to hold it together
  • Burlap – If you’ve got some around use that, or get some for cheap for a simple and sweet gift wrap.
  • Hair Accessories – Use a head band to wrap a gift or pony tail holders!

Start Planning Your Party Today!