Unique Father’s Day Gifts

He taught you how to tie your shoes, checked your math homework, and had an immeasurable amount of patience when you learned how to drive. Dad. Papa. Daddy. Pops. Grandpa… He has many names and more responsibility than we ever realized. The thing that sticks out though, the thing you might remember is how he never complained. He just found a way. He didn’t give up; he doesn’t give up.

Dad helped you form your character – whether he’s biological, adoptive, or a mentor. He did some important work – he helped raise you. Show your gratitude. Say thanks to Dad with some of these ideas below!

Time to celebrate Dad!

Is Dad a grill master/chef?

  • Make him a homemade seasoning for delicious burgers
  • Try your hand at making a barbeque sauce
  • Buy him that grill accessory he’s been needing
  • Get him a recipe book that fits his cooking style

Is Dad a gardener?

  • Help him start the veggie garden of his dreams!
  • Bring him seeds, soil, or anything to help him build the type of garden he wants
  • Get him started with an herb garden or a tomato plant

Is Dad a reader?

  • Subscribe him to a magazine
  • Ask to read his favorite book
  • Buy him an audiobook

Does Dad love an experience?

  • Take him to a local baseball or basketball game
  • Go to a concert that he wants to go to
  • Sign him up for cooking lessons
  • Check out a festival
  • Sign him up for a woodworking class

Does Dad love quality time?

  • Ask him about what interests him
  • Offer to hold the flashlight if dad loves fixing cars
  • Make him dinner
  • Help him organize the shed
  • Go fishing

Help Dad Organize the Shed

No matter who plays the role of Father in your life – he’s sure to feel appreciated with any of these gifts. We hope you take time to celebrate. We’re thankful for Dads everywhere!