The Ultimate Guide to a Resourceful Kitchen

We’ve made a guide to help your kitchen become more cost efficient! Feel free to print it out and never be hindered again when inspiration strikes. From everyday substitutes to reusing – we’ve got you covered!

Ever looked in your cabinets and made a meal from whatever you could find, only to discover you’re missing a key ingredient? You were trying to be frugal and resourceful and now you’re hungry. Don’t worry, we’ve been there. Below are some easy ways to reduce trips to the store and shop better!

Here are some easy ways to make your kitchen more efficient!
  • Substitutes  –

Vinegar = lemon/lime

Corn syrup = honey/ maple syrup

Red wine = beef stock

Mayo/ Sour Cream = greek yogurt

Egg = ½ mashed banana/ unsweetened applesauce

  • Need glassware? Short on cups to drink out of? Start checking your fridge! Those glass jars are one wash away from making a unique glassware set! Wash out pickle jars, jelly jars, or any other glass jars for free cups! Also, keep the lids and you’ve got a travel cup!
  • Need more space? Better organization is just a door away…literally! If you’ve got a door in your kitchen you can use a shoe organizer or any over-the-door organizer to keep spices, sauce mixes, or big utensils organized.
  • Ideas for meal planning… Want to eat better or want to be prepared for dinner tomorrow night? It makes sense to plan ahead, but it’s hard to stick to it when you’re tired after work or a long day.  At the end of each week take some time to look through recipes in your cookbooks, browse crock pot recipes on the internet, or call a family member/ friend for inspiration.  Decide what options you want and write out a weekly calendar with what you want to cook. You can even write out ingredients you need to get for the store. Now when it’s dinner time – you’re ready. Easy!

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    Planting herbs is easy and you can have them in your kitchen!
  • Grow your own herbs. Basil and Rosemary are relatively easy to grow and they are in lots of dishes. Research best practices on how to plant and care for them. Most can be put in boxes or pots. What’s better than fresh ingredients!?
  • Need utensil holders? When you’re finished with the containers for items like bread crumbs and oatmeal – reuse them! You can either keep them as they are or cover them with colorful paper or grab some design paper at the store and tape or glue it to the container for cute additions to your kitchen for little to no cost.

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