Using Your Tax Refund as a Home Investment

If it’s a season where you are getting a refund instead of having to pay or falling even: congrats! If not, be patient, with good budgeting and time your season could be soon. Don’t get discouraged. The best option is always to save instead of spend. However, tax refunds are somewhat of an exception because most people don’t budget them in. If you can, set aside part of your refund to a savings account, outstanding bill, or high interest payment. That matters first.

If you’ve got a little left over, you might consider showing your home some love! Making an investment in where you live can pay off in the future. Skip the mall and invest where it counts. Based on what amount you have left over we’ve outlined a few home improvement ideas by cost. Ideas are just estimates and will vary by home size and supplies used.

Less than $300

Update light fixtures

Painting kitchen cabinets with a kit

Replace door knobs

Pressure wash

$300 – 600

New dishwasher

Programmable thermostat

Add Kitchen backsplash

$600- 1,000

Entire home storage/organization

Wallpaper a small room or accent walls

Replace garden tub or standing tub/shower

$1,000 – 1,500

Replace carpet in entire home

Build a shed

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