Landscaping Ideas to Improve Drainage

Water can be a menace to any mobile home – flooding damage to your tires squealing in a puddle of mud. Depending on where your home is located, you may have some options to either redirect water or soak it up. Improving your landscaping can be the simple solution to long time water build-up prevention. Below we explore some basic strategies.

If your yard has a natural indention/depression, a swale may be a good solution for you. Swales are used to redirect water build-up by sending it elsewhere. It’s recommended to add rocks or deep rooted plants  to the edge of the swale. A small gravel path can be laid as a path to the swale if water does not naturally flow to it.

Another easy solution is to extend drainage pipes. You can add piping, place a concrete piece below the spout, or make your own small path to redirect water with a heavier wood chip mulch, gravel, or rocks.

If your land has a small hill that dumps out into a patch of flat land you might consider a rain garden. Rain gardens simply catch high amounts of water. Try putting plants that do well in lots of water and sun in a rain garden. Place the most porous plant in the place where the water settles. It would be wise to use heavy mulch and rocks as well. This method captures water instead of redirecting it. Please be sure plants in the garden can handle lots of water.

You might have small cement valleys poured along your driveway or just down the hill. The same thing could be achieved with rocks or pebbles as well.

Lastly, you can make use of large, stacked flat rocks. These are very versatile and great for both placing at the end of a drain spout or making wide paths that can catch and redirect water. You can also try tons of different methods of stacking or placing to create the style you want.

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Caring for your mobile home and keeping up with maintenance can improve the life of your home. Plus, by working with drainage problems you can avoid both annoying and serious issues.

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Unique Container Gardens

Everyone needs a plant in their life. They give you clean air and bring a smile to your face. You might be thinking, “Great, but I kill every plant I touch.” Don’t worry, succulents might just be the plant for you. They do not need a lot of water and are low maintenance. Now that you have a plant you cannot kill, what will you put it in?

If you are into upcycling, any of these projects will tickle your fancy.

I’m A Little Teapot– What better container to use for your garden then a teapot? If you have an old chipped teapot or a teapot you don’t use anymore, it will make a great container for a succulent or two. You can also use tea cups to plant your succulents as well. A matching set might be just what your succulent garden needs.

Boots were made for – Generally boots are made for walking, but not in this case. Everyone has some old boots they don’t wear. They could be galoshes or cowboy boots, either one will make an adorable container for you garden. You don’t have to just stick to succulents for your plants, you could make an herb garden out of all of your discarded boots. If you have children, you can use their boots to add different shapes and sizes to your container garden that will have everyone oohing and ahhing.

Water Anyone – Another idea for a container garden is a watering can. It is a classic symbol of gardening and most people have an old one laying around. If your watering can is deep, you might have to stuff it with paper or other filling material so that your beautiful plants will be seen.

Roll out – Tires make a great gardening container. They are sturdy and relatively easy to find. I don’t recommend using tires indoors unless your heart is telling you that you must. You can paint your tires any color you want. Tires are also easy to stack to make whatever design you desire. With tires, the possibilities are endless. Another great outdoor container is an old wheelbarrow; it is like having a miniature flower bed.

Tools– This one you might not think of, but use an old school toolbox for your container. They are vintage and will give your plant a unique look.

Unique gardening containers are anything you want them to be, from an old shoe to tires. Use your imagination and have fun. You might be surprised by what wonderful creations you come up with.

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