Woman organizing dishes in the kitchen cabinet.

Organizing Your Home with a Monthly Walk Through

The best remedy for a busy household is a routine that sticks. You might be thinking of your morning or nightly routine, and that is definitely part of it. However, the routine I’m thinking of is when it comes to your home. That’s right – I’m talking about home organization. It’s amazing what a monthly check in can do for your home and your sanity!

So, let’s break this down and discover some great options for keeping your home in order.

The monthly walk through can sound intimidating, I get it. Bear with me. If you can find a few hours toward to beginning or the end of the month to walk through your home and process the items – you’ve won half the battle. Schedule this in advance if you have kids or a busy schedule to where someone helps you or watches your kids for a bit. It can change as the months do – make it work for you.

How to get the most out of your walk through:

  • Set a couple boxes out for donation or sale (depends on how much you must sort through)
  • Set out a trash bag
  • Use a designated area for items in the wrong place or that need to be relocated
  • Grab some post its (To label or write out where you want something to go later)
  • Motivation: caffeine, music, having guests at your home, clearing more space for family, etc.
  • Focus on the room you’re in until your done with it
  • Ask yourself: “Have this been used or worn in a year?” “Is this in the most practical place it could be?” “Do I need this or really want it?” Etc.

As you go through each room you don’t have to pull things out of closets, drawers, or under the bed. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with clutter or items sitting out. Then after you’ve done this system for a while you can dig deeper into the details, or you may already have things pretty organized. Start where you’re at and let yourself progress. You’ll find not only will your home become more organized, but you’ll be downsizing some of your stuff.

Once you’re able to go through your home fully you should have 3 areas/ bins/ boxes. One for donations/sale, one for items that can relocate to another room or place, and trash items. Follow up after your monthly organization by going ahead and putting these items in their new place.

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I hope that you can implement this strategy and that it serves you and your family well.  Happy organizing!

Make the Small Spaces in Your Mobile Home Work for You

Sometimes small spaces can be challenging. Clutter seems to multiply much quicker in tight quarters. It’s important to be well-organized and have storage options within mobile homes. You’re not limited, you in fact have more inspiration to keep things tidy.

Let’s check out some options and ideas to make your space funtional and efficient.

Baker’s rack- Mobile homes are fabulous, especially when it comes to built ins. Talk about convienience! If you have a baker’s rack then you know what we mean. If you’re a baker or need some extra space investing in one is wise.

Built-in baker’s racks are great additions to any kitchen!

Hall tree- Your mud room needs this! If you don’t have one, consider getting some hooks and putting them in a line near the door or fashioning your own!

This hall tree is the perfect place to keep your coats!

Bathroom shelving- Your bathroom will greatly benefit from some extra storage space! If you don’t have a shelf like this, you might try a towel roll rack for the wall, a metal/plastic free-standing organizer, or small stackable shelves for your bathroom vanity.

Every small bathroom needs this shelf!

Creative shower additions- Adding a small shelf or over-the-showerhead organizer can be a great solution for a cluttered shower. There are also tons of suction shelves you can add!

Perfect little shower shelf for soaps and shampoos.

Entertainment centers- Invest in a table tv that has drawers or openings. You can also flank your tv with 2 bookcases.

Entertainment centers with shelves are ideal!

With these ideas in mind, go conquer your mess! Try some shelving possibilities in your home today! Make your closet work with you!

Organize Your Closet