Exterior of manufactured home with from deck and a flag. Home has a paved sidewalk to the door.

An Introduction to living mobile

It’s not just a single wide.

It’s a single dream coming true. Owning a home is a great privilege – one that often depends on the tide of the economy or one’s financial situation. Yet, there is a moment where everything lines up and you find yourself holding an extra key.

But it’s not just a key.

It’s the key to your families’ memories. Inside this 16 x 76, the joy, obstacles, and lessons of life are to be held. Your baby girl might take her first steps through the hallway and 17 years later read her college acceptance letter on the couch in the living room. You might cook or burn an anniversary meal in the kitchen. Behind the door in the back room you’ll fall asleep after a long day.

Family outside of a mobile home walking with their baby.

Maybe this is the dream you have. Maybe it looks a little different. Whatever it is – we’re dreamers, too. But like you, we don’t stop there. We dream with the confidence that hard work paired with determination can take us one step closer to that dream becoming a reality.

We want to invite and welcome you to our blog. It’s nothing fancy, but we’d love to share some ideas that might help or encourage you in your everyday pursuits. We are excited to try new things with you! From budgeting to everyday people like us – we want to explore what it means to live mobile.

Because it’s not just a mobile home.


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