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How to Baby proof Your Mobile Home

So you’re expecting a baby? But you’re not just expecting a baby, you’re also expecting a new world of challenges and a lot of change – sounds like an adventure! Congratulations! If you’re a first-time parent this may be an intimidating time, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to be prepared.

To calm those jitters, we’ve compiled a little list of things to remember. It’s not all inclusive, but hopefully will get you thinking. Every home is different so be sure you do a check of your house a few times- thinking through what could be a possible danger to your baby with furniture, doors, or appliances.

Get your home ready for your baby!
  1. Outlets – There are different styles of covers, find the one that’s right for your home.
  2. Doors – This one may not be needed until they are older. If there is a room you don’t want your baby to go into,  get some knob covers or put a baby gate up. Be sure you measure your doorway so it fits perfectly.
  3. Floors — Carpet that should be fine, but check other flooring for sharp edges or uneven places. Place a mat down or if it’s a bigger spot – invest in a rug. Once your baby starts crawling, the floor will be their playground. Keep it clean too!
  4. Furniture — Sharp edges should be addressed. You might need to cover some sharp edges, elevate breakable items, and move candles to the kitchen counter.
  5. Dishwasher – Don’t put cleaner in unless you are starting a load right away! Keep closed and locked when your baby is around.
  6. Stove/oven – If you have knobs that are in the front of the oven, cover them. Once your baby gets older, consider getting an oven lock for the door.
  7. Fridge— Depending on the style you have, you may or may not need a lock.
  8. Toilets— Lock the lid if necessary.
  9. Cabinet doors—Move dangerous materials/ chemicals/ breakables to higher cabinets or shelves. Put latches on necessary doors.
  10. Odds and ends—Whether it’s cleaners (try some homemade cleaners), vacuums, litter boxes, brooms, or any other ground level item; be sure to put them in an off-limits closet, or put them in a bin, or hang them in the laundry room.

Safety is important for your baby. Accidents will happen, but if you do a thorough check, you can keep them minimal. Enjoy this time with your baby and have peace of mind that your home is great place for them to grow!

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