6 Ways to Increase Space in Your Single Wide

A single wide home is a great choice in homeownership. For many they are a perfect fit, but for the growing family, the collector, or the person that likes a good amount of cozy, personal touches – you may feel the need to think about your living area creatively. There’s usually plenty of space available to you – sometimes all you need is a bit of perspective to help you realize where you can utilize more room.

Let’s dive into some ways to make your single wide work better for your lifestyle!

  1. Shelving for days. Use shelves to increase storage and take your décor up a notch. If you’re unsure how to hang things well on your mobile home walls learn more here. Get the more about different ways to hang items here. Make the most of your space with sturdy shelves.
shelving in a manufactured home

2. Practical furniture. Do you have bulky pieces in your home? Is your couch too large for your living room? Thinking about the size and placement of your furniture is the pinnacle to creating space. Place your furniture in a way that agrees with the room or covers unused area. You might also sell what furniture you have and purchase something more compact. 

3. Expand your closet. If you’re closet area is sparse, try investing in a rolling clothes rack. You can also work inside your closet to utilize the space that is already there, read more here.

4. Add levels to your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets may feel full, but are you using organizational shelves? If there’s space above your plates or mugs you can add shelves with four legs that are usually wire on the top for maximum stacking. There are also great towel bars, and thin, hanging baskets that may fit over cabinet doors. Some people also will add a magnetic strip or hooks under cabinets for tucked away storage. 

5. Use the doors. Over the door storage hangers are your best friend! Use them! From shoe racks designed for over the door to spice racks shelving – this is a major space saver. You can also use over the door hooks for your bedroom and bathroom. 

6. Organization station (catch all). Find a place to create a center with a desk, bulletin board, and calendar to serve as the place for all mail and new items in your home. This can serve as a transitional location for items and be used to keep random items in one place. 

We hope these ideas help you get organized and allow you to use and make space you didn’t realize you had available!

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