Skip the Stress and Start Holiday Shopping Now

Shopping during the holidays is overwhelming. You don’t have to be an introvert to feel yourself swirling from the rush of people, sales, and long lines. We’d like to suggest a different pattern of shopping for gifts this holiday season. Instead of overspending, buying under pressure, or just getting something for the sake of having it –  try buying with intention.

With a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can give the gift you want to give. Then you can take the time you would have spent shopping with family and friends. Get started planning below!

Get started early and save!
  • Make a list of who you’d like to give a present to. Consider your budget here. Decide what you can spend and stick to it. If you can only buy for a few people that’s perfectly okay.
  • Map out what you want to get for everyone. It’s a good idea to write down hobbies or interests of each person to help you start brainstorming. Remember, you don’t have to buy a high-priced item to show you care. Try baking a few batches of seasonal treats for co-workers. Consider crafting something that a friend could use to decorate in their home. Putting time into a gift is far better than putting money into it. Use your creativity!
  • Think about donating to those in need, or volunteering. If you’d like to give to your community or a specific place of need now is a great opportunity. It is a gift to be able to buy presents at all and some people can’t. A little goes a long way.
  • Do some research. Get ideas for crafting or things you could buy online. Think of something your friend or loved one can use daily to make life easier. Browsing will you help you get ideas and allow you look around before you purchase or make something!
  • Consider return policies. One thing to be mindful of when buying early is whether what you’re buying may have an issue and have to be returned or exchanged. If you’re getting something with a size or an item that your friend or loved one may receive a duplicate of you want to be sure you can return it. For some items that may mean keeping an eye on it, but not buying it until closer to the time it is needed.
  • Try a different way to wrap presents. Cut some cost on wrapping paper and bags by trying some unique gift wrapping options.
  • Take inventory. Did you stick to your budget? Did you stay under it? Put away what you saved for next year’s presents. If you went over, be mindful of where you faltered.
  • Enjoy the true gift: giving. Watching someone open your gifts and knowing they feel loved and considered is the better gift.

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Skip the stress, love the holiday!

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