Shelving Possibilities in Your Mobile Home

If the walls in your mobile home are made with paneling or drywall, chances are it won’t hold a nail. That means you’ll have to think creatively when it comes to decorating and shelving. While most mobile homes do have studs, they are small and usually don’t hold a lot of weight. However, there are alternatives.

If you’ve been looking for some ways to add decorative or storage shelving, here are some ideas to help!

Traditional wall shelves; mounted with the following:

Thin wall anchors – designed for hollow places, with wide backs that keep their hold

Toggle bolts –  creates extra support within the wall,  great for framing mounts

Screw-in anchor – self-drilling and good for light-weight shelving

Plastic hollow wall plug – good for light-weight items

Furniture shelving – Either build or buy pieces that have storage under them, great for coffee tables or underneath couches if there is room

Decorate bookshelf in mobile home

Bookshelves – Find thrifty shelves and paint them to add your own personality

Adhesive Strips – Good for lightweight items used for decoration or kids’ rooms.

Help Me Organize My Closet!

Shelving is a great way to add space. Now, with these ideas you can rely on your shelving to stay put.