Removing/ Painting Over Wallpaper in Your Mobile Home

If you’re looking to update an older mobile home – you may want to start with the walls. If your home has wallpaper and you’re hoping for a fresher look you might consider painting it or removing it altogether. Know that it is an undertaking, but it could make a big difference!

Let’s check out both options:

Painting Over Wallpaper

A home and garden inspiration site recommends, priming the wallpaper to begin. After using an oil-based primer, you can then patch uneven spaces in the wallpaper.

It also recommends that you open windows and wear a mask (respirator) when using this particular primer.

After drying and before painting, you can then fix uneven surfaces by filling problem areas with a compound or sanding to level them out. It’s then smart to wipe down with a damp cloth to get the particles off the wall. Then you can begin painting!

Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is a little more common, but just as challenging. Most sources recommend using a cleaning/softening solution and scoring the walls.

According to a site helping homeowners, the best method is to start by pulling up loose ends or corners that can give you a good grip.

You then can clean the walls with cleaning solution comprised mainly of soap. Letting this sit will allow the paper to soak it up and shrivel, coming off the wall and creating texture – making it easier to score.

You may have to use some type of wallpaper stripper depending on the type of walls, whether there are multiple layers, or if it’s extra sticky.

Using a tool, such as a putty knife, you can begin sliding off little pieces of wallpaper. For hard to remove areas – the best bet is to begin scoring. A scoring tool is easy to find and all you do is roll it over the wallpaper in circles. This will allow you pull off the hardest areas.

Clean walls thoroughly after paper removal. You may have to go back and do some sanding to get the smoothness of the wall back to normal. Adding in some spackling or filler may help you get that smooth surface as well.

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