Moving into Your Mobile Home Checklist

You’ve purchased your home, signed the papers, now all that’s left is moving into your mobile home. Whether this is your first move, or your fifth – this checklist will help you organize your move more efficiently. Congrats on homeownership! Now let’s take the stress out of that move!

Happy moving day!
  • Change your address. Go ahead and forward your mail prior to moving. Be sure you also change it on your driver’s license and other important documentation.
  • Deep clean the home you’re moving into. This is probably the best opportunity you’ll ever have to deep clean your home. Spend a day or two really making it shine. This will also allow you to take a closer look at the details of your home.
  • Two-corner clean out. Before you begin packing, clear some space or use an empty room to organize in. Use one corner for trash and the other for recycling and thrift store donations. Once you’ve gone through your home like this – take the trash out and take the reusable items to a second-hand store.
  • Ask yourself the size question. Are you downsizing or expanding? If you’re downsizing, consider boxing up storage items first. If you need to make another trip to the second-hand store, do it. Don’t keep everything, let go. Have a garage sale or give items to friends that may need them. If you’re expanding, consider the extra space you’ll have.
  • Box out! Local grocery stores, convenience stores, and department stores are likely to have all the boxes you need. Most groceries leave them outside, but go in and ask stores for used boxes. Don’t waste your money on new boxes, if you must buy for packing consider purchasing plastic containers that you can reuse.
  • Categorize. Most people separate boxes by room, but feel free to explore other options. The more technical type may color code boxes. Some people may prefer to just label each box with what is inside.
  • Pack Smart. Utilize suitcases, bins, and trash bags for moving. When packing up your kitchen, layer small towels between fragile items.
  • Move furniture in first.
  • Switch your internet or cable services.
  • Change air filters.
  • Make a toiletries pack. Even if you plan on unpacking right away it’s smart to put toilet paper, shower items, and light bedding where you can find it quickly.

Download Your Checklist!

Go ahead, brew some coffee and let the joys of owning a home sink in. This is your place. You’ve worked hard. Now take a moment and love your space! Check out the benefits of your home!