Make the Floors in Your Mobile Home Last Longer

Cleaning does more than just make your guest feel welcome and freshen up your space. Most importantly, it preserves your home and allows you to catch issues before they cause lasting damage. So as difficult as it may be to set aside time in your routine to clean: it’s important for the life of your home. In this post we’ll explore cleaning the floors in your mobile home!

    • Give your carpets some love with frequent vacuuming, cleaning up spills when they happen, and moving items around that cause stress on the carpet.
    • Protect vinyl flooring by sweeping, mopping, and placing doormats down. You can also place large rugs to catch the mess and warm your floor for the winter months.
    • Scrub sticky residues off floors immediately.
    • Place a boot rack or a tough doormat outside to clean shoes off before you enter the house.

Take Care of Your Carpet

Ready to start cleaning? Try making your own air freshener so your home smells as good as it looks!