7 Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It can be hard to figure out what to get for the people you love. You love them. How can an item possibly express that? Especially on a day as intimdating as Valentine’s Day, but we are here to relieve the pressure. We’re getting back to basics. You don’t have to sweat it. We’re giving you ideas that are refreshing, wont break your wallet, and will express just how thankful you are for your relationship. Skip the stress! We’re all heart this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Make a playlist. Bring the mixtape back! Few things are as meaningful as sharing sweet songs with the people you love. From the song that was playing on your first date, to a song that just reminds you why someone makes you happy – a collection of music is sure to tug on those heartstrings.
  2. Thank you notes. This is a great one for a parent or child on Valentine’s Day. Give someone (like mom) a day full of thank you notes. Write out about 10 notes of gratitude for either little things they’ve done for you along the way or the big things and put them in places they are sure to find throughout the day. Try a sticky note on the coffee pot, one on the car dash, or packed away in their lunch for starters.
  3. Give them something that grows. This is a twist on the classic: cut roses. Instead of flowers that last a week, try a plant they can take care of. You might get them a succulent, something in a special flower pot, or for the gardener – tomato plants.
  4. Say it loud! Some people just want a little recognition. Write your sweetheart a song and sing it to them. Ask a local community center or restaurant if you can put a message on their sign or board and take your loved one to see it. Put a big “I love you” banner on their car or desk at work. The gesture doesn’t matter as long as you let everyone know you’re happy to know them!
  5. Share your artsy side. Choose some way to express what you love about someone. Paint a picture, write down their best qualities, or make them something they’d use or just that would remind them of you. You can’t go wrong!
  6. Whip up something sweet. No need to buy something fancy! You can just make a sweet treat and that’s all it takes. From cookies to cake – whatever level of baking your comfortable with can be the right way to tell someone they matter.
  7. Address their struggle. The people we love, we know the best. That means with all their triumphs and strengths – we also understand their pitfalls. Take this time to encourage them against what bogs them down. They will appreciate not feeling alone in their struggle and so loved that you took the time and care to do or say something to support them in their hard moments.

Get More Thoughtful Ideas

We hope your able to say exactly what you want to! It may seem easy to buy something, but these ideas will stay in the hearts of the people you love. Give it a little thought! It doesn’t have to be a holiday to say something sweet! Continue the gratitude all year!