How to Spruce up Your Window Treatments

Let’s talk windows! When moving in or remodeling, windows can seem like an afterthought, but they should be a considered. Not only can you improve energy efficiency, but you also can add natural light and create a more inviting atmosphere by dressing your windows appropriately.

With the first of spring upon us, it’s time to invite the sun in! Check out the ideas below to get some inspiration! Before trying any of these ideas it may be good to clean your windows inside and out!

Start easy:

  • Consider your living space. Could you move some furniture around to display your windows better? Changing up the room layout is a great way to add a simple change and utilize the space you have!
  • Lose your blinds! The open window concept is catching on and totally fits for spring. You can keep them and just try it out for the season if you’re not sold on the idea!
  • Add a valence! This is an easy way to add decoration to your window and still let in natural light.

Getting creative:

  • Use something you have. If the material is light and airy, it will work great!
  • Hang glass or artwork. Create your own stain glass by hanging different colors of glass.
  • Anything transparent or opaque can add that decorative touch to your home.
  • Hang a fun garland! Make your own or borrow from the Christmas tree! This is a great craft for kids too!

Make Your Windows Energy Efficient!

We hope these ideas have been useful! Have fun transforming your windows!