How to Paint New Life into Your Furniture

Everyone has an old piece of furniture they don’t like anymore, but what if you could give that furniture new life? One of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up your furniture is with paint.

Spray Paint

You may be thinking, “What can I do with spray paint?” The answer— everything. If you have an old book shelf that you want to look new, paint it. You can use metallic spray paint to give your book shelf a new, modern look. You can even spray paint cushions. If you have a white or beige cushion, try painting them a darker color to give your furniture a new stylish appeal. I recommend only spraying your outdoor cushions, as it may leave them a little stiff.

Chalk Paint

If you have kids, this might be the paint for you. Apply chalk paint to some old dresser drawers or an old kitchen table. Once they are dry, give your kids some colored chalk and let them go crazy. They can change what they write with the seasons, or they can doodle on the drawers or table tops when they get bored. It is the paint that keeps on giving.

Milk Paint

This paint is the least toxic of the paints because it is made with dried milk. This paint is for furniture you want to have a chic, messy look. The only down side to milk paint is that not all of it comes premixed.


Stain can be used just like paint. The only difference is that stain is for use on wooden surfaces only. Some people prefer staining wooden furniture over painting it. Staining your furniture will give it a more natural look.


These little gems are underrated. Stencils can give your furniture a whole new look. A checkered or striped pattern can make an old end table or dresser fabulous again. Find a pattern you like, and then go stencil crazy. This is also great for making metal fold-out chairs awesome!

Paint Markers

This is another easy way to spruce up your furniture. Try writing inspirational words on your dresser drawers. Writing in cursive will give your drawers a whimsical look. If that isn’t the look you are going for, try writing in a bold print. You might also try writing your child’s name on their own special chair. It is a fun way to make an ordinary chair special.


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