How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with a Kit

Remove doors, hinges, and knobs

Pretty simple. Be sure to put everything in separate containers or sandwich bags so you don’t lose them in the process. If knobs or hinges need to be cleaned or dusted—do so now. If you notice any dings or nicks sand them out.

Clean the area

Most sites recommend using a cleaning solution with a degreaser since cabinets probably have food stains on them. Use a sponge for gritty stains and a bucket paired with the solution. Be sure to clean doors and mounted shelves. Also, clean the interior of the shelves as dust can get stuck on cabinets during the painting process. After you are done cleaning—wipe down everything again.


Tape around windows and the mounted cabinets. Cover countertops and floor with drop cloths. Tape or weigh them down if needed. Most paint kits don’t require sanding or priming. However, if you don’t get a kit be sure to sand everything and then apply primer.

Unpack your paint kit

Most kits run from $60-80 dollars. Be sure you get the right amount. Some kitchens may require 2 kits or a specific type of paint. Ask questions wherever you purchase the kit to ensure you’re getting the right thing for your cabinets. Follow the directions with your kit.


Let everything dry. Put some fans in the kitchen if necessary. Let paint dry in a place without humidity to ensure it doesn’t warp the paint or cabinets.


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