How to Organize Your Shed or Workshop

Sheds and workshops are an oasis for the creative, “get-it-done” type. They offer a space separate from the home for one to build, fix, alter, play – you name it. Let’s be honest though, we don’t live in this space, so often it becomes cluttered and our work suffers because of it. Want to maximize your space and work smarter?

Below are some ways you can revamp your space and get creative about how you organize. Fall is here and it’s time to enjoy it with projects, and you need plenty of space to do that in!

  1. Clear out – Take everything outside. If you want, just pull heavier items, such as shelves to the middle of the shop or shed. The idea is just to have everything where you can see it.
  2. Take inventory – If you’re using this space for junk or things you don’t want – STOP! You can still be resourceful, but you need a system. Donate items you never use. Trash what’s useless.
  3. Clean up – Sweep those floors, clear some cob webs, or lay down rugs, carpet strips, or wood panels.
  4. Add personality – This step is optional, but if you want to paint a wall or add a workbench now is the perfect time! This is a great place to showcase your talent!
  5. Make a processing center – A workspace isn’t supposed to be ultraclean, but it does need some order. For example, if you fix lawn mowers have the broken ones in a corner, then have a bin of working parts and one for broken parts, and set aside an area where you can work with rags and different materials you may need. If you are a crafter, separate materials in drawers and have a box of recycled items. Whatever your niche, make this space an assembly line that breaks down your work area.
  6. Think of your resources – Sure you can buy tons of organizers with clear drawers and create a great space. However, this is an opportunity to use what you have. Make your own shelves, hang things up, or make a box for tools.
  7. Make a trash bin + recycle bin – Keep things in a cycle of organization by cutting out miscellaneous items. Everything you filter through can go in these bins and then through your processing center.
  8. Plan your next organization – No organization system remains perfectly kept, so do this again in 3-6 months depending on how much you use the space.

We hope this has been helpful and that you’re able to be productive!

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