How to Have a Low-cost St. Patrick’s Day

A little bit about the origins of St. Patrick’s Day: it is a feast celebration held in Ireland to honor Saint Patrick. He was the Patron Saint of Ireland – credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. As a teenager he was kidnapped, brought to Britain, and then later returned a hero of sorts.

Today we celebrate the Irish culture as a whole – along with everything green, pots of gold, and leprechauns. Though these are additions to the actual history of the holiday they do add some fun! Let’s explore some great ways to have a low-cost, fun holiday!

Try these fun and easy ideas!

Go healthy – If you’re looking to skip the sweets try an all green veggie tray! This is an easy monochromatic idea that looks festive and will keep you full! You can use spinach artichoke dip to keep your dip green too!

Keep with tradition – Shamrocks are a part of the actual holiday as they were used to tell the story of the Trinity by Saint Patrick in his travels. Today the more unusual, four-leaf clover is prized as a symbol of good luck. Whether it’s a three-leaf or four-leaf clover try incorporating the shape in your baking treats or having kids draw them! It’s also fun to press them into a clear glass frame for a natural look!

Add fun for the kids – I remember St. Patrick’s Day in my first grade class. I came into a classroom with paths of gold glitter on the floor and a path in the bathroom that my teacher said were traces of gold. Our teacher told us a leprechaun had gotten lose in our classroom and overturned some chairs and things looking for a pot of gold. She told us they lost a shoe and if we found it we would inherit the leprechaun’s gold. This is the kind of creativity that’s perfect for kids!

Stay green – Try festive drink combinations with things like ginger ale and green sherbet or water with cucumbers and mint! You can do easy or heathy without a big price difference. There are also some sports drinks that are bright green to make your own creation with.

Cook with me, I’m Irish! Irish cuisine is delicious! One of the most popular dishes is corned beef and cabbage. It’s pretty easy and affordable to make. You can add any spice you like. It’s also amazing with horseradish! If this doesn’t sound like a dish you’d like, try another one!

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