How to Display Décor on Your Mobile Home Walls

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We assume slapping a few photos and heavy items on the wall will be easy, however you need the right kind of hooks and screws. When I became a homeowner myself, I just started in with a hammer. I didn’t understand drill bit sizes or the different kind of reinforcement a heavy item needs. I soon figured out if I want things to stay up I’d have to be a little more knowledgeable.

Determine the weight and what you need. If you’re hanging something lightweight or flat, you can probably use adhesive strips and your items will stay in place. If the item has some weight to it, you’ll want to consider something like a thin wall anchor.

Installing thin wall anchors. Be sure you have the appropriate size drill bit for your anchor (toggle bolts also work well for mobile home walls).

  • Once your drill bit is fitted (5/16” recommended) you can mark and drill the hole. Mobile home walls are thin so be gentle, take your time, and always use appropriate anchors.
  • Thin wall anchors open up once inside the wall, so be sure you poke the plastic middle of the anchor (if it’s open) vertically, so it’s open horizontally.
  • Then you can push the anchor into the hole you’ve drilled open. Next, you’ll push a “key”, a thin or dummy nail in so the anchor opens up (after being inserted into the wall).
  • Lastly, you can use a handheld screw driver to hang your item from, or screw in your external hook to hang the item from.

Hang items from a hook or string. This can help balance whatever your hanging and redistribute the weight of it. It also can help you center or hang something that otherwise demands a flat, difficult area to hang it from.

Skip it and try leaning it. If an item is too big or just annoying to hang, try propping it up against the wall or setting in on a table or shelf and leaning it against the wall. This gives you a fun, modern look without all the hassle and measuring.

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