How to both Celebrate and Honor this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special blend of joy and sadness. We honor the lives of our U.S. Military members who lost their lives defending our country. In turn, we celebrate the freedom their ultimate sacrifice allows us. We invite you this holiday to honor those who have come before and look with excitement towards the future of those to come.

Check out the ideas below to get started!

Thank you to all who have served!


  • Place flowers/wreaths on graves of Armed Forces members – Memorial Day is also known as “Decoration Day” in which Americans honor lives lost in combat.
  • Write a thank you card to a veteran or current member of the military. If you don’t know any members personally, find a website that sends letters to soldiers.
  • Shake someone’s hand – Often on military holidays you’ll see people with hats or shirts depicting their branch of service. If you see someone like this ask them if they served. Feel free to ask about their time or just say thank you.
  • Gratitude wall – Make a visual display where guests or family members can write what they love about living in America and what freedoms they appreciate most.
  • Social recognition – Share the love on social media platforms! Say thank you, post encouraging quotes, and share pictures of how you celebrate this day.
  • Light a candle – place a large white candle at each table or make a commemorative table with photos of fallen soldiers that were either family or friends.


  • Make a playlist that captures the essence of freedom – we recommend country artists!
  • Pick a branch of the military and research it, then plan the theme of your party around it
  • Have red, white, and blue crafts for kids and offer adults something to take home.
  • Have a pot-luck party and invite everyone to bring a dish!
  • THINK EASY: crockpot recipes! Try: Hawaiian meatballs, cocktail sausages with BBQ sauce, Mac and cheese, Taco pie, and Hash browns and cheese with peppers.
  • Read aloud famous wartime speeches or American documents, like the Declaration of Independence.
  • Is it raining? Skip the corn hole and outdoor games and ask everyone to bring a board game!
  • Have a competition! Ask everyone to make different salsas, drinks, pastas, cute red, white, and blue desserts, etc. Have a voting system and after the winner is declared give them a prize!

A final word: To those of you reading this that have served our country or lost a friend or family member during their service – we say with deepest gratitude, thank you. The freedoms, education, and faith we can practice is due in large part to your sacrifice. Thank you for considering us before yourself.

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