How to Apply for a VMF Home

Applying for a mortgage can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before. Vanderbilt Mortgage offers financing* on select homes on inventory. VMF has 3 main user-friendly application options that can help you feel at ease: over the phone, online; or paper/by mail. I want you to feel ready and prepared when filling out an application. Before you get started, here are some things you will need to have on hand for you and anyone else applying with you:

  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Current Email Address(es)
  • Gross Monthly Income(s) (generally the amount of money you have earned before your taxes and other deductions are taken out)

Over the Phone
Doing an application over the phone can help you feel more comfortable as you start the process. It can be helpful to have someone who is a licensed loan specialist to answer your questions as you go through the application. This option can also feel more convenient for some applicants.

You can call 888-508-2373 or when you are speaking with our sales team, you can request to have a licensed loan specialist take your application over the phone. Typically, we schedule these application times so that you can be prepared and know when to expect our call.

If VMF offers financing for a listing on, you’ll see a green button in the lower right-hard corner that says, “Apply Now.” If you click that button it will take you to an online application. Make sure you have some time before starting and that you have access to your important documents. Remember, among other things, you’ll need social security numbers, email addresses, and gross monthly income for all applicants.

As you begin the application, you’ll notice that you were directed to You are now filling out an online application specifically for the home you were viewing. However, if you change your mind about that specific home, the application may be converted to use for another home. This is a simple process called a relook that does not impact your credit a second time. You may also fill out a general application that isn’t towards a specific home. Both a home specific and non-specific home application will give you the same results — a max loan amount you could qualify for.

Our online application is user friendly as possible so it can help you apply with confidence.

Paper Application by Mail
You can use paper applications to apply for any home listed on that Vanderbilt Mortgage offers financing on. One difference in the paper option versus the phone or online option is the increased time it takes to submit an application because of the time it takes the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the application via regular mail. Therefore, if you aren’t in a rush, or you simply prefer a paper application that you can physically write on – this might be the option for you.

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We hope this post has provided you with helpful information. If you have questions or want to make an appointment to fill out a phone application call 888-508-2373.

*All loans subject to credit approval