Easy Ways to Create a Routine and Stay Motivated

Let’s start from the very beginning. Maximizing your time and focus during the morning is the key to staying on track for a successful day. Your morning routine might be rolling out of bed and traveling to your place of work, getting your kids ready for school, or each and everything in between. Everyone is on different schedules and this post is to motivate you to stay on top of yours and to feel empowered and determined for the next day to come.


Start your day off slow and with intention

Do you wake up feeling stressed or the weight of the world on your shoulders? First things first, take a deep breath and relax. There is a time and place for everything to be completed. Often, people find themselves feeling refreshed after waking up before their alarm and taking some time for themselves.

This could be done by:

  • enjoying your coffee while watching the daily news
  • meditating
  • a quick walk around the neighborhood
  • reading a book

Take this time in the morning to value yourself as a person and know your worth, the rest will follow. Not only will this help wake up and relax your mind and body, it will also leave you feeling accomplished and ready to control your day.


Now, the part that might seem the hardest, tackling your afternoon. Don’t let your morning time go to waste, use your extra energy and mind power to navigate you through the rest of the afternoon. You can do it. Feeling empowered from the morning will help your drive and focus during the day last. If you feel like your letting your mind get the best of you, try:

  • Listening to your favorite songs or podcasts
  • Eating some brainfood (healthy snack)

Take a breather and relax, you are strong and can do this! Don’t let stress overcome you.


Finally, you have made it through the early hours of the morning and difficult hours in the afternoon to go home and relax. Take your time at night to:

  • evaluate your day and all you got accomplished
  • spend time with your loved ones
  • reward yourself for completing the day

It may sound simple but trust me – these simple changes in your routine and mindset will give you the drive you need to make it through the day, week, month, and the rest of your life. Enjoy the simple things. Be in control of what is yours and enjoy every minute of it.

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