Easy Garland Ideas for Any Occasion or Room

Garlands are a simple way to add chic décor to any occasion. They can be a onetime decoration or they can be the feature in your living room. There are so many styles and options to create and they are quite affordable. They also can be an easy project for kids to join in on.

Whether you’re making a wedding backdrop, a décor piece for a nursery, or a holiday garland – the possibilities are endless. Let’s get started!

Ribbon – ribbon garlands are on trend right now. You can usually make them with hemp or jute string. Then you can cut up similar or different ribbons with the same or varying lengths to achieve the look you want. It’s cheaper to buy rolls of ribbon and cut them yourself instead of buying individual, pre-cut ribbons.

Hearts – Another classic garland is made by cutting out small hearts. Hemp is also a good base for this garland. However, you can also use string and ribbons since this garland will be less heavy. One fun idea is cutting out hearts from sheet music or old books. You might also use craft paper. You can cut out two hearts and glue them on opposite sides of each other so they also bind to the base.

Pom-pom – For this you can group fringe or string and hang them to a base or you can purchase colorful pom-poms from the craft section of your local hobby store. You can make it minimalist by using less or make it colorful and a statement piece by using a lot.

Paint swatches – This one is self-explanatory. Make a fun garland of multiple shades of one color or try tons of different colors.

Artificial flower/greenery – Try using a clear, plastic string or fishing wire to string up flower heads or include the stem and leaves for an outdoorsy feel.

Buttons – Whether your grandma has a collection you’ve always wanted to utilize or if you find a sale – stringing buttons as a garland is such a vintage feel.

Felt – Felt is easy to cut and looks beautiful without much effort. Cut out any shape you desire. It’s easy to layer felt and create flowers. Try your hand at it!

Get Color Inspiration!

We hope these ideas prompt you into project mode! These also would make a great Mother’s Day gift!