Decorating with Cardboard 101

Decorating is awesome, but why is it so expensive!? Everyone wants to add those personal touches to their home. How about making your home look great with items you already have or can get for little to no cost?

Clear the afternoon or evening and get ready to discover all the ways you can decorate your home with cardboard! Not only is it durable and light-weight, but cardboard can be cut and molded easily with the right tools. Many sites and craft collectives have given their take on how to reuse cardboard around the house. Here’s our tribute to the wonderful world of cardboard.

Below are ideas to get you started! From where to find cardboard to what to create with it, your money-saving decorating ideas await…

  • What to use: If you drink canned sodas look no further than the container for a great source of cardboard! This cardboard is thinner and more flexible than cardboard boxes. It’s perfect for small projects or for adding attention to detail in a complex project.
  • Next, head to the bathroom to start collecting toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. These are ideal for creating small circles, flower-shaped projects, and wall murals.
  • The most obvious is cardboard boxes. This is perfect if you’re a new mover with tons of boxes! If you’re not, head over to the grocery store and ask for some boxes from the back.

    Utilize empty cardboard boxes that you have left over from moving to create unique decorations for your home!
  • Methods: Here are some fabulous, specific ideas. Check them out for inspiration.

What to create:

  1. Wall murals – from outlines of the world to complex flower designs
  2. Signs/ Wording – write your favorite quote on a cutout or spray paint letters for flair
  3. Wall shelving – with proper use of reinforcement this is a great storage option
  4. Bookshelf – use a strong, vertically-long box as a bookshelf (tape the panels to the sides to cover printing on box if there is any or decorate it with paint!)
  5. Organizers – Make your desk more efficient with a stacked organizer or a pen holder
  6. Chandeliers – this is an artsy way to achieve that timeless look – no lights needed!

Ready to get started? Grab some scissors, box cutters, and craft glue – your home is going to look beautiful without the hefty price tag. Plus, you’ll have something totally unique that can’t be found on a shelf at the store.

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