Color me what? Colors for 2018

It’s a new year, and that means it is a new year of fresh colors! 2018 has thrown grey out the window. I know what you may be thinking, “No, not grey. Does that mean neutrals are a thing of the past?” Answer—no. Neutrals will always have their place on the color wheel for home and furniture. But colors for 2018 are all about making a statement. If you are a whimsical, wanderlust loving person, these colors are for you! Now don’t worry if you are a bit mild mannered, there are still many colors that will rock your solid socks off.

Predicted Top Colors for 2018

The New Neutrals: Black is now considered a neutral for 2018. Black is no longer just for accent pieces. Another surprise is that you can use metallic paint as a neutral for an industrial feel. It sounds a little out there, but it can really make a room pop.

Minimalist Pastels: According to leading paint brands, muted neutrals are in. These soft collections will have you at rest in no time. The light colors really open up a room and are great if you have smaller spaces.

Pink it Up: This is not a color I would normally consider when painting a room, but according to it will become a staple in everyone’s painting tool box.

Think Green: The green tech inspired look is being featured by major brands.  They have some beautiful hues that mesh tech and organic living together wonderfully. The harmony they create may surprise you.

Hello Yellow: While predicted by a major design magazine to be the next big thing, this color is a wild card. It lightens up any room and will put a smile on your face. Maybe a whole room of yellow isn’t for you, but perhaps a wall is. If you are seriously considering a brighter, bolder color like yellow, consider painting one wall yellow and the rest a muter tone.

*Remember if you like one of these colors, you do not have to paint your whole room a specific color. You could use a milder color for a room and use accent pieces. Committing to just one color may not be best for you. Use your judgment about what colors speak to you and have fun! Check out these color predictions!


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