Cleaning Your Mobile Home After You Move In

The best time to clean your home is right after you move in and before you bring in the boxes and furniture, obviously! However, sometimes once you move in it looks clean to the eye, but there can be hidden dirt and dust still. We want you to have a fresh home, and if it’s your first home – this may be a good reference to refer back to seasonally! Let’s get started!

Shampoo carpets: You certainly can just vacuum, but honestly carpet hides so much! It may be a good idea to rent a deep cleaning steam vacuum or see if a friend would let you borrow one. These work by massaging the shampoo into the carpet with bristles and then sucking up the set-in dirt. If your home has an animal smell or a smoke smell this may help, too!

Mop vinyl/ linoleum floors: Again, it can be easier just to sweep, but mopping will get the sticky stuff up. All you really need is a bit of vinegar and hot water. It is also helpful to get specific spots with a kitchen sponge using the scrubbing side. This will also help you get up any residue left from big rugs.

Dust light fixtures/ceiling fan blades: These areas get so dusty! I recommend using old socks to dust with and some type of cleaner. If the blades of a fan are easily removable that may be a good option, too. Dusting off lightbulbs can reveal a lot more light, just be gentle and be sure to do it when the lights are off.

Clean air filter cover: Pretty simple. You’ll probably need a thin duster that can get in-between each nook. If it’s removable, spraying it with the water hose may be an easy option.

Dust bathroom air vent: Try an old toothbrush on this one and cloth to pull the dust away. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.

Wipe down cabinetry, countertops and inside them: Only tip here is that leaving cabinets open can help them dry and air them out. If you notice a smell, you can leave them open and put a baking soda absorber in them or a small freshener.

Dust blinds and clean windows: This one is easy to forget, but so important! This will help you assess the condition of your windows as well as your screens. Windows may require a few rounds of cleaning. Don’t forget the outside as well! Depending on how dirty your windows are, you may need to use a sponge, hot water, and dish liquid to do the job!

Cleaning your home after you move in will not only help you freshen up the place and get rid of previous dirt and stains – it also gives you a closer look at the condition and details of your home. But don’t just do it once and give up – let’s make a habit!

Get My Cleaning Schedule!

Print out our weekly cleaning schedule! You can laminate it or put it in a clear divider sleeve and check off the squares when you’ve done each day’s task! Or, you can put magnets over the boxes when they are complete!