Appreciate the Sweet Lady in Your Life this Mother’s Day

Parenting – the hardest work you’ll ever do for no pay.

It’s also some of the best work you’ll ever do if you get the opportunity to.

And then there’s mom. Whether she’s your mom by blood, time, or care. Whoever she is – she is that one who gladly was second for you, and let your life take the spotlight instead of her own. She molded your crying, tantrums, and rebellion into the person you are today. Whether her love felt like hugs or being grounded on a Friday night – she did her best to make you the best.

Gifts are great, but being thoughtful and sharing your time is really what mom needs.

Thank mom for all the times she was your helping hand.

Write mom a letter. Think through your life and the times she’s supported and taught you. You might write a letter from your 5 year old self, 15 year old self, and so on. Thank her for all she’s done, acknowledge the hard times, and encourage her by relaying what you learned.

Run her errands. Whatever your mom or mom figure has to do for the day or the weekend – take care of it for her or at least make her a passenger while you do them for her. Pay for a bill. Mail her things. Bake that pie for her book club. Consider her time – she’s considered yours.

Clean something. Clean her house or your room. Offer to organize her craft room or the shed. If your mom is anything like mine was she’d love you to deep clean a room, furniture, or an appliance. Do some laundry. Give the dog a bath. You get the idea.

Reminisce and spend the day with her. Find some photo albums or home videos and revisit them with her. Talk about the good old days – or soak them up – you may still be in the midst of them. Cook a favorite meal from growing up. Play a game you played as a kid.

Ask mom what her perfect day is and live it out. We’re not looking for a dream vacation here, but rather what she’d do if she had some time for herself. If her perfect day does not involve some type of relaxing – incorporate that for her. The simplier it is, the sweeter it is.

Share her best qualities with your children/friends/world. My mom was so much of the reason I have been prepared for life. The best way to honor her and the time she spent is to mirror her best qualities. My mom’s were that she was thoughtul, extremely generous, and listened like you were the only person in the room. The way to celebrate those things is to practice them for others.

Update a Piece of Furniture for Mom!