A Simple Labor Day Weekend, Done Right

Whew, it’s been a hot summer! Frankly, we’re tired. How about you? Take a breather this Labor Day and tap into what really matters – making memories, being a better person, and taking time to rest after some hard work. Your laid-back weekend awaits…

Have a great Labor Day with the ones you love!

Add some water.

Obviously, you couldn’t sendoff summer without a little splash! But if a lake or a pool aren’t your vibe, create a waterpark in your own yard! Hook up some sprinklers in your backyard and keep the evening cool! Borrow the kiddie pool for a night, circle up, and put your feet in with some friends! You can also play some water games! We’ve got some game ideas  to help you out!

Serve up summer.

Grab everything from the garden and grill it up! Veggies are on their way out – so make some seriously delicious dishes! Some of our favorites are street corn, grilled pineapple, and a classic BLT! Use seasonal items to spice up your meals! Oh, yes and don’t forget the sweet tea!

Check in.

How was your summer? How are you doing at your job? Want to improve? If you participated in our summer challenges, see where you stand towards the end. Did you accept a challenge? It’s not too late! What do you need to do more of? Less of? Spend some time getting real with yourself. Be excited about your growth, and encouraged by your failures. You’ve got another season to try.

Take on a Summer Challenge

Appreciate hard work.

Labor Day is a result of the labor movement in America. It’s a day to look back on accomplishments, monetary gains, and the success of the economy because of hard work. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve made an impact. You’ve taught someone what it means to have a good work ethic. Or maybe you’ve learned that from someone else. Take notice of that.

Make a family playlist.

We all love music. Store up memories from summer 2017 with the perfect playlist. Let everyone in your family contribute and let it narrate the weekend! Share it with your friends, too!

Contribute to your career.

You want us to work on Labor Day? Yes. Because working when other people don’t – that’s what makes a successful person. Sign up for a class, find a mentor, give your resume a facelift, practice your interview etiquette with a friend, etc. Don’t be afraid to dive in.

Thank you for your hard work you do every day. For the stuff that goes unnoticed, for the long nights you’ve spent devoted to a task, and for whoever you provide for. Your labor is seen and appreciated. Happy Labor Day!