8 Things to Consider in a Manufactured Home Park

Living in a mobile home community can offer many perks, as well as a support system. Whether you own your home or rent it – living in a community can make your everyday life easier and more peaceful. Parks are a great way to get perks you want without having to spend a lot of money on land, and they allow you access to things you may not have enough money for in your own backyard.

Let’s look at what amenities you can find commonly in parks and what you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

1. Laundry units in home – manufactured homes should have both hook ups but look for this if it’s something you’re wanting. Many homes in parks may come with units already in your home, but they may not be included depending on the park. If there isn’t a washer and dryer in your home, there still could be a laundry mat on the grounds of your community.

2. Cost/ fees – Your park may not be different than some site-built communities that have Homeowner Association fees. There could be additional cost for trash pickup or yard maintenance if the park mows and tends to the land. This cost is likely worth the perk it provides, but you’ll want to consider this in your monthly bills, so you aren’t caught off guard.

3. Residents’ opinion – Just like when you move into any neighborhood, asking neighbors you see out or reading reviews can give you a good idea of if the place is a fit for you. Keep in mind what others prioritize may not be the same as you – so take it with a grain of salt.

4. Parking – Parking can be a nice perk in a park. Typically, parks will have one or two spaces wide for you to park your car near your home, sometimes the parking may be covered. Some parks will have a shared lot on the property. You’ll want to discover what the setup is.

5. Community facilities – From pools to playgrounds – communities can offer outlets for play and socializing. You can also enjoy less crowded and closer amenities. Parks may also have a clubhouse or workout facility for your use.

kids in pool

6. Events – This is probably rarer, but some parks may have events throughout the year for things like back to school to summer, etc. They may also have meetings for feedback and questions in the community.

7. Maintenance – Part of living in a community is that you often get things repaired by someone else. This may be different if you own the home in the park, but it’s worth asking about. Knowing your park owner and their process for maintenance is important. Additionally, some parks may mow the lawn, so that’s a good thing to check in on.

8. Pets – Lastly, a lot of parks may allow pets. They may have some weight or breed restrictions, so be sure to look at that. Living with animals can improve your daily life greatly.

We hope that has you thinking if you are planning on finding a park to live in! Or it may have you thinking you’re interested in a park where you weren’t before. Get in contact with some local parks and see what options there may be. Visit vmfhomes.com!