8 Summer Challenges to Tackle this Season

Happy Summer!

Summer is a sweet break from the ordinary and a time to dip back into friendships, family, and reflection. Though this time is busy and packed with vacations and social events, it’s also important to foster growth within your life and the lives of those around you. Use this time to regroup and get back to basics.

Taking a moment, trying something new, and considering others are all great ways to invite the SUNSHINE in! How many of these challenges can you complete? Let’s get out of our comfort zone!

    1. Build something – Whether you’re inclined to or not, try making something with your hands. Build a table or chair for your deck, show the kids how to make a birdhouse, or gift someone with a set of corn-hole boards. Find some spare wood and get started! Or get unconventional and work on building your credit!
    2. Tips on Building Your Credit

    3. Evaluate a new perspective – Take time this season to learn about a culture, lifestyle, or situation different from your own. Make a friend, volunteer, invest. Talk to your neighbor, ask questions, or become a mentor.
    4. Face a fear –We’re not asking you to bungee jump if you’re terrified of heights, although if you’re willing to – GO for it! We’re just asking you to say yes when you want to say no, try the thing, or embrace the butterflies in your stomach. Ride the roller coaster, talk to the person, take the job.
    5. Follow your child’s rules for a day – Usually kids must listen to adults and fit into their schedule. Let your child rule the day. If they ask you to do something silly, jump in. If they want to go to the park and eat cheese on the slide, do it. Play in the mud, why not? Do what they want to do. You may even like being a kid again.
    6. Learn something that takes practice- Learn a sport, ask your grandmother to teach you how to sew, or learn a trade. If you have poor handwriting – try calligraphy. Take a woodworking class. Start quilting or piano lessons. Most importantly, don’t give up.
    7. Read a biography, or two – There are so many important people who have gone before us and done great things, both living and dead. Read about someone else’s life and appreciate their story.
    8. Take 15 minutes every day to write – You can journal, you can write about a topic that interests you, or you can write down the things you find hard to say. Take some time daily to reflect and sit with your thoughts. Be honest.
    9. Create an “unplugged zone” outside – Light a few citronella candles, pour some tea, and sit or play outside. Leave your phone inside on the charger. Breathe in the warm air, catch lightning bugs with your kids, count stars, eat outside, etc.

We hope you can try all of these, but we’d love it even if you tried one. It’s time to celebrate life, slow down, and learn something new. Flowers aren’t the only things to grow this season!