7 Ways to Open Up Your Home around Thanksgiving Time

Hospitality goes a long way. You might think it’s an art lost on your parent’s generation, but it’s not. It always seems a little sweeter around the holidays as well. Sometimes it feels hard to reach out, and we don’t know where to start. We often make it harder than it really is. It starts at home, open your doors and see how easy it is to offer support and care to someone.

We’re going to check out some ways that we can offer the most by simply opening a door.

  1. Invite someone over for Thanksgiving without close family or friends. Give someone, or a family a place to go on this holiday. Being alone during this time can be quite disheartening. Preparing a huge meal can be financially undertaking for some as well, offer someone the chance to be a guest and to not have to  worry about it.
  2. Host a craft party. Get supplies and invite friends over to make some homemade Christmas gifts. They can check something off their list and you can have a great time. We recommend holiday drink mixes!
  3. Give someone a venue. Know someone that wants to have a party or celebration but doesn’t have the space of the area their looking for? Offer you home for the space. This may alleviate their planning as well!
  4. Teach what you know. Do you have a special skill? Ever think of teaching it to people? A fun little workshop may be a great way to make new friends and share one of your gifts with others so they can learn, too!
  5. Bake cookies for your neighbors. It’s timeless for a reason! Go for it!
  6. Have a monthly movie night. It takes little planning and is free but everyone loves a good movie. You can have a different person bring their favorite movie and change it to someone new each week.
  7. Have a thank you note party. Have everyone bring some of their favorite cards or you can make some, too. Take some time to write and listen to music. We often forget to express our thanks – now is a great time!

Have some ideas or traditions of your own? Drop them to us at mediacontent@vmf.com. We’d love to hear from you!