7 Refreshing Ways to Cool Off in Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to get out and enjoy those long days! I am not the best with heat and humidity – so I fully understand how important it is to stay cool. Not only is it nice to get some relief from the sun – it’s important to stay hydrated and keep your body from overheating. Below are some fun and refreshing ways to cool off this summer. Let’s jump in!

  1. Stay hydrated – This one is obvious, but often the key to staying hydrated is already having drank a good amount of water before going out in the sun. It will also help to drink steadily out in the sun and slowly after as well. It’s also quicker and easier for your body to convert room temperature water than ice cold water. This means room temperature water hydrates you quicker.
  2. Stay in/covered for the hottest part of the day – This is a great way to protect yourself from overheating and getting burnt. Usually somewhere between 11AM– and 2PM-3PM are the harshest sun exposure times. This is prime time in the summer. I don’t suggest missing out, just think of a shady place you could spend this part of the day or taking breaks if you’re out in the open for a while during this time bracket. You might go inside for a bit or build a shade structure over your yard.
  3. Recipes for great drinks – a tasty drink can make everything better! Search recipes for your favorite refreshers! I suggest a watermelon drink with lime and mint. Yum! Tasty summer drinks
  4. Cool snack ideas – Get some inspiration from these recipes on Pinterest! Eating cold snacks is a perfect idea for summer! If you know you’ll be outside for a while, try eating less, or light foods or even water-based foods. This could be deli meats, fruits, granola, salads, etc. All of these options can help your stomach settle well while also still fueling up.
  5. Keep your feet cool – putting your feel in water, kicking off your shoes, or finding a place for your feet to be shaded helps cool the rest of your body. I love sandals and wear them all summer long!
  6. Bandana or neck towel – Similarly, keeping your neck cool is important. This can also help you if you are overheated. It can bring you quickly back to relief and can help if you have nausea from the heat. Soak your neck accessory with water or sneak a few ice cubes in and put on the back of your neck for instant relief.
  7. Wear loose fitting and light fabrics – When I get hot the worst thing is a fabric sticking to me! It feels like you can’t escape the sweating. However, if you wear loose and cool fabrics you’ve got space for air to get in! Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!

What are some of your favorite tricks to staying refreshed in the summer?

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