7 Easy Fall Centerpieces Your Kids Can Make

Few things warm the heart quite like the coming fall. Whether it’s the return of a routine, the holidays, or cooler weather that you love most – there is something special about autumn. Around here we love welcoming in the seasons and we take every opportunity to celebrate. As you ready your house for fall, give the kids a chance to set the table.

Try one or some of these ideas for your table and showcase your child’s creativity!

Get your home ready for fall!
  1. Nature Bling – Dress up some leaves, pinecones, or acorns by rolling them in glitter.
  2. Glass Jar – Grab some fall paints and let you child paint the outside of a couple clear, glass jars and put candles in them for a bit of light.
  3. Popcorn Garland – Let kids string up popcorn and swirl the garland inside a glass bowl or cup.
  4. Thankful pumpkins – Get a few small pumpkins and have your kids write what they are thankful for on them or on a piece of brown paper. Attach brown paper to pumpkin with glue or punch a hole in the top and tie it around the stem with hemp or string. Want more? See different ways to use pumpkins!
  5. Leaves – Glue or place leaves from outside or you can buy fake leaves and put them onto a cardboard square. Leave it at that or add clear jars with water in them on top of the square and put floater candles in the water jars for some autumn ambiance.
  6. Football Fans – Print out the week’s football schedule and help you child decorate a small chalkboard with fall additives or apply chalk paint to a fall item. Have your kids update them each week with scores.
  7. Nature Love – Help you child find twigs or branches to form into hearts and/or the first letter of your last name. Hold them together with string or glue. Sit them up against something or lay them flat.

We hope this little list gets your wheels turning! Next week is the beginning of fall!

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