6 Raised Garden Ideas We Love

If you’re an inexperienced gardener, a raised bed may be the perfect fit for you! Even if you’ve got a fairly green thumb but don’t have a lot of time to spare – this may be a good idea for you too! Raised beds keep your garden confined and require less maintenance. You can start by just focusing on one plant type or a couple types until you get the hang of it.

Be sure to research what each plant needs. Get started today with these ideas! Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

    • Cinder Block: This option is quite affordable as well as modern. You can make it all your own by painting the blocks to fit your style. Something fun with cinder blocks is putting flowers around the edge in the holes of the blocks. This is great for your garden if you want to have a mix of plants and flowers!
    • Pallets: Who doesn’t love pallets? Versatile all the way! One of their many uses – containing your plants in perfect rows! It’s also a great way to categorize different plants without getting confused. You can have one pallet for each plant.
    • Water trough: You might also call this a metal basin. Basically, anything that is an oblong shape that you might feed or give water to animals out of in a farm. These are more of container gardens than raised gardens because they aren’t connected to the ground – but since they are quite large they can serve a similar purpose. These are also nice of you want a garden but have knee or back problems as you won’t have to bend over as much to tend to them.
    • Garden box with legs: Cute and confined – this idea could be perfect for you. This is a great option for kids and they can be encouraged to keep charge over their own garden. You’ll want to drill small holes in the bottom of the box so it can drain water.
    • Stone: This option is sophisticated and sturdy. Whether you line the bed or build it up – either one is a good option. It will also hold up well in rain and give your yard a charming, timeless feel.
    • Traditional: These raised beds are usually lined with 2 X 4’s, recycled wood, or rot-free wood. These a great for larger, walkable gardens. There’s a reason why they are popular – they’re easy! However, if you’ve got some low hanging fruit you’ll want to put up some chicken wire or something similar to keep critters from eating up your garden.

Help Me With My Garden!

Though it’s a little late to start planting most produce, setting up your bed for next year means all you’ll have to do is pop the plants in later! Keep in mind you’ll need to prep the space and soil, as well as line the bottom of the garden.