6 No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

I love making messes. Carving pumpkins is a blast, but sometimes you need a lower-maintenance option. Especially if you’re having a party. Less mess can mean an easier clean up. If you’ve got kids these options can save you a lot of hassle, too! Let’s check out some no carve options that still make for a super spooky pumpkin!

There are so many cool things you can make without even having to carve a pumpkin!

  1. Glitter – Obviously a favorite for kids! Simple! Just apply some glue anywhere on the pumpkin and either shake glitter onto the pumpkin or roll it in the glitter.
  2. Paint – You can have to exactness of carving without the hassle. Plus, there’s so much detail you can add. Keep in mind you may have to paint some things in layers.
  3. Buttons – Making a fun face is super easy with buttons, or just make a design. Most of us have a junk drawer with far too many buttons in it anyhow. Don’t throw them away, repurpose them!
  4. Bits of foliage – Nature is filled with all the fun things you could want to decorate a pumpkin with. Pinecones, twigs, acorns, and leaves are just a few of the beautiful accessories you can add to make for a unique look.
  5. Chalk – Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and update your saying daily, or you can just use a chalk based paint for a muted look.
  6. Glue on some flowers – Get some fake flowers and glue them on to your pumpkin for a sweet look!

Skip the mess and keep all the fun! These no mess or less mess ideas may just become your favorite year after year!

Keep it Pumpkin!