5 Thrifty Holiday Decorating Ideas

Everyone loves adding a little flair to their home over the holidays! However, all that sparkle can cost a lot if you’re not careful. We don’t think decorating should cost much to look great! There are plenty of options that won’t cost you a trip to the store. Keep the extra cash for presents, not decorating!

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Borrow your kid’s toys, add a little fake snow, and make a sweet winter village.


Place a garland on your mantle and hang ornaments from it for a personal touch.


Find some glass jars and add nuts, berries, or fruits to them with candles for a instant touch of festive!

Save your popsicle sticks and make snowflakes for your home. Light them up by placing candles in front of them.


String up some berries, popcorn, or anything brightly colored for your walls or tree. You can also glue light weight wood slices to string for a rustic touch.


Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy these decorating ideas with friends and family!


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